I was looking at buying a new pair of shoes, and I wanted to get a pair of Lake MX237's or Sidi Spiders. Went for the Lake's.

Anyway, I'm a 45 in Sidi, which according to some charts means I'm a 44.5 in Lake's. Well I tried the 44.5 and they were a tad too small, and had a little play in the heel area.

I got the 45's and again same issue with the heel, only slightly worse this time, but the shoe fit great. I don't want to change the socks I wear riding, so I'm sending these back to backcountry.

The heel play was limited to taking strides, but even if I tightened them down all the way, I would still get some play, and I know it would get in my head over the long haul. I don't have a narrow foot, by any means, so I think it may just be that they run slightly large in the heel area.

That said, overall the shoes felt very comfortable, the leather was very soft and supple, and they felt much easier to walk in that other models I have had in the past.

Overall, they seem like a great shoe, and while walking around was limited to my house, they didn't feel like walking in them would be a major hassle, at least for a limited period of time.

The BOA lacing system made tightening them and removing them a breeze, too.