This fall, I will be participating in La Ruta (Costa Rica) and there are a number of sections where hike a bike (bike carried on shoulder) up muddy, slippery hills will be the only option versus riding. The days are long with 8K to 12K of climbing per day on single track, double track and roads. Of course, I would use these in training as well but they would not be my only mountain biking shoe.

* Traction during hike a bike is very important.
* Must take Crank Brothers clips.

I'm looking at the Lake MX331 (newer models are out) which is/was targeted towards CX racers. The cleat options (metal and rubber) look like I'd be able to significantly improve traction.

Does anybody have experience with the MX331 in these types of conditions? Is there an alternative that is more recommended?

Thank you in advance for your advice.