• 07-23-2008
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    Kucharik Soft Sausage Style Helmet--
    I have an older (25 years old according to Kucharik) sausage style helmet that is in GREAT Condition.....anyone out there know about these? Anyone interested in this helmet? I am taking offers on it. If you have info on Kucharik please fill me in...I've been riding for many years but not familiar with Kucharik name. Helmet is size medium(ish)....fits my head snug and I am 37 year old male.....email me if interested....I posted an ad in the classifieds section with a picture.


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  • 07-23-2008
    Take out a classified ad.
  • 07-23-2008
    [QUOTE=TLL]Take out a classified ad.[/QUOTE

    I did---placed an ad..........you that bored kid? You should consider stepping into life...it's not all bad
  • 07-23-2008
    any way you can get a better sizing on that? i have a huge head (7 1/2) but that is one of the coolest things i've seen for sale in a long, long time
  • 07-23-2008

    Originally Posted by ncres
    fits my head snug and I am 37 year old male

    Age doesn't really mean anything here... measuring your head circumfrence would give the best info.