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    Knee Shin Pedaling Opinions

    A couple of months ago I grabbed some Nike soccer shin pads to ride a couple of trail segments which were chock full of cat claw.

    The shin pads worked well for this and I realized that I liked riding with shin protection.

    I know some of you out there will give the old 'in 80 years of riding a bike I have never worn pads' or 'don't crash' type of jazz but here in Arizona a spill is likely to dump you out on to sharp rocks, cactus, and other pointy objects in the desert and forest.

    In the past couple of weeks I have been fortunate enough to have several brick sized rocks pop up in a rock garden when riding and crack me on the shin with a pretty good amount of force which felt like a whack from a bat at the time.

    My Leatt 3DF knee pads are starting to give up the ghost and I have been toying with the idea of going with a knee/shin combo.

    I was curious as to how well any of you find the following in terms of pedaling and I should preface by saying that any pad will restrict movement to some degree, introduce a bit of heat, etc:

    Leatt knee/shin 3DF hybrid
    Pro is that I like my current Leatt, sizing is straightforward and the con is I can't find much info on these for mountain biking

    TLD Method
    A fair amount of info on these but conflicting as far as efficacy. Some people dug the Lopes and some people said they weren't great for pedaling, I have had other TLD pads which were good in the past

    POC Bone VPD Leg
    I have the Bone in a forearm/elbow and I like them so this is a potential option. Some people like them and others say the exact opposite. Fit with POC stuff can be a bit tricky it seems

    Kali Aazis 180
    There is something about Kali stuff that never seems to click for me. It could be the non-existent/hard to find sizing info or relative lack of information about their gear. Might just be my hang-up on that

    None of these options are particularly inexpensive when it comes to purchase and trial to see if it works or doesn't work.

    Any thoughts or opinions on these options? Something else that should be added to the mix for consideration?

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    I have the IxS Cleavers.

    Full knee and shin protection, and velcro strapping.

    I have found that after a 6hr day peddling in them, can be abit chafey on the back of the knees.
    They offer great solid protection, but can get a touch hot if climbing for long periods. However, as soon as you have any sort of speed, the airflow through them honestly feels like you arent wearing them at all.

    Last I rode in them, I pulled them up as far as possible, and made the top strap as tight as possible, and it felt alot better. So comfort might just require finding that sweet spot.
    I also have only ridden with them no more than 10 times in 6 months. If I was wearing them week in week out, im sure my legs would get used to them as with most equipment. can undo the middle and lower straps and they become lose and offer more airflow on climbs.

    Its always going to be one of those, comfort vs maximum protection kind of thing.

    As stated, these offer great protection, but I wouldn't be chucking these on for a full all day pedaling adventure or XC type track.
    If I know I will be going down some gnarly rock sections, I will wear them for the day.

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