Justin Leov Maori Helmet

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  • 07-04-2008
    Justin Leov Maori Helmet
    I've been eyeing out Justin's helmet for awhile now but I can't seem to find out any info on where or how he got that design or even some detail pic of it.

    Anyone have some leads to this? It would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    By the way this is gonna be cross posted on to the DH forum. :p
  • 07-05-2008
    Pics please.
  • 07-05-2008
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    He is running a 661 at the moment custom paint.
  • 07-06-2008

    Originally Posted by dvo1
    He is running a 661 at the moment custom paint.

    I know of this helmet, buut I wanted to know is the one with the Maori designs on it!

    I just seem them on the yeti website on there video gallery. I just want more of a good pic of it and some info of where he got it done. :thumbsup:
  • 07-14-2008
    Full Trucker
    I'm pretty sure Leov gets his helmets painted by Jeremiah Dylan Dean.

  • 07-16-2008
    Here you go, fresh from YETIFAN.com (send me your bike pics please everybody!)

    Has THE stickers on it, and paint by Impact Designs so it says.