I posted this in the DH forum but it's kind of a ghost town in there, hoping it'll get some replies here...

I ran the gauntlet with elbow pads last season, and after buying and returning pretty much every flavor of pad off of Amazon, I'm still yet to find something that doesn't turn into a forearm guard when I send it down fast technical runs. No matter the pads, and no matter how tight I have them, I always spend half my trips up the lift screwing with the damn things trying to keep them from sliding down.

What's out there these days that's good for jerseys with integrated pads? I saw a rider last season that had something on that was mesh-ish, and didn't think to ask him what it was. (It was like the "rumble shirt" or something like that.)

I wear a Leatt neck brace, so I'm looking for something that works with it. I also wear Troy Lee body armor, but I'm assuming whatever I end up with will replace that unless I can find something that's elbows/forearms only that doesn't have chest/back.