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    Jackets for fall / colder riding

    I'm looking for a new jacket. I live in Connecticut, so it gets cold here starting in September. I'd like to continue to ride throughout the fall as long as the weather permits it. I don't want to wear a heavier jacket or even a hoodie. I'm looking for something light that will be enough in 45-60 degree weather. Something that can handle some light mist as well.

    In the past I've used a Puma golf jacket, but the only one I have is way too big. I was going to just buy another one in the proper size, but I figured I'd stop by here first and get some opinions.

    Honestly.. the funkier the color scheme the better as well. The reason I've used my Puma for so long is precisely because it's so ugly. (Teal and Dark blue checks, with bright green accents)

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    A lot of this will depend on how you handle cool weather. But this is what I would run- I have a sugoi jacket (it no longer seems to be listed in their website), with pit zipsand I would just wear a t-shirt and then a long sleeve shirt overtop. So three layers.

    For leggings I have a pair a Columbia omni-heat long underwear for when it is cool or a pair of PI lined tights(only would consider both if it was really cold), padded shorts over that, then baggies. Three layers in the core.

    When it gets be,ow zero celcious (Canada eh), I have a PI jacket, that is a light fleece, but with a wind stopper front. Wear t-shirt and long sleeve shirt underneath
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    Nothing would work for me in temps that warm unless I'm just coasting downhill, otherwise you make too much heat in my experience for a hard shell (waterproof). Maybe a vest, but I'd look at long sleeve base layers/active tops to run and then alternate having the vest on. Some of the lighter wind stopper gloves and fall/spring (maybe what other people call winter) shoes for the extremities. Keep those relatively dry and warm and that's huge IME. below about 45 degrees I can start to wear long pants, but above is again too warm. Only soft shells below 32F until about -10 on a slow ride, where I might go back to a hard shell because you finally need to trap that heat again. Mtb is closer to XC skiing or running in terms of exertion, as compared to walking. Most runners know that hard shells, no matter how thin, just don't breathe well enough. So if you really need the waterproofness, it's going to be a damp wet time any way you slice it IME.
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    Northface venture jacket is great for the rain and have huge armpit vests to allow air in. 45-60 degrees is a big range of temp so layering may be key for you. Layer a flannel or microfleece when it's in the 40's and just a light wicking shirt when it's in the 60's and you'll be warm and waterproof without being bulky. I've heard great things about marmot and merrel too, North face just fits me best.

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