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    Infant helmet (x-post)

    Anyone got any advice on helmets for infants?

    I have a 9-month old. Well, he turned 9 months two days ago. By the time the weather warms up enough for him to go out on rides with me, he'll probably be 10-11 months old. We got one of those two-wheeled baby carriages that hitches on to the rear of your bike, and that's what I'm going to use to haul him around. The kid can sit up straight now, he seemed to enjoy a very brief test run on Sunday, so I'm confident that this'll work.

    Which brings me to helmets. Yeah, the carriage has a rollcage and everything, but the helmet is a must, for sure. I went to the Giro and Bell sites to look at their infant helmet offerings, but I'm none the wiser on what I need to look out for as far as these helmets are concerned. The kid'll get a proper fitting helmet at the shop for sure, but are there any characteristics to these helmets that I should look for or be wary of? I noticed that the weight of these helmets weren't all that bad, somewhere around 9oz. Last thing I wanna do is bog down his chubby head with a heavy helmet.

    Any thoughts, advice, warnings?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I brought my little guy out on rides, but not when he was as young as yours.

    I think his firt helmet was a bell, and it was pretty easy to adjust the fit. I let him wear it around not on the bike to be sure that he could support the helmet and all.

    The most important thing to keep in mind with little ones is that they can often initiate movements perfectly fine, and at a very young age, but they have trouble stopping their head once they have momentum. This problem is obviously worsened by adding the weight of a helmet to their heads.

    Happy riding.


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    Oh great, now I gotta fashion out a baby HANS device!

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    Mine uses the Bell Boomerang

    I got the Bell Boomerang from REI when my boy was about 9 months, $30.

    It's a nice-<i>looking</i> helmet, and seems to be designed like a little version of a real helmet. My only complaint about it is that the "Pinch Guard" buckles require so much pressure to engage, that I *do* wind up pinching his skin sometimes, resulting in sqirming and a red mark. You know, there's lots of loose skin under the chin to get caught. Once I get it buckled right, he's fine with it. Has been using it from 9 months till now (almost 14 months), should still get a couple more months before he outgrows it.

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    Here's my 2 cents...

    Soap box on...

    1) Don't let your kid in the trailer w/o a helmet. I know some riders are OK w/ this, but not me. I play the cautious ticket. Probably cause my wife used to work in the head/trauma division at Santa Clara Valley Med, she's got a lot of horror stories.

    2) Make sure you're kid's neck is strong and can handle the jostling in a trailer. The ride may look smooth from the outside, but it's pretty bumpy in there.

    3) Make sure the helmet fits. As w/ adults, an ill fitting helmet can be as worse as no helmet.

    soap box off...

    Riding w/ my 2 year is a BLAST. She loves riding in the burley and it lets us have time to ride to the grocery, farmers market, Sunday breakfast. And as a family, we now try to have at least one day a week (usually Sat or Sun) that we don't use a car.

    The initial trick is to get your kid used to the helmet. I was afraid that my kid would hate the helmet (as most kids might) and then associate that hellish experience w/ riding a bike. There goes my burley investment...

    Here's what I did:

    1) I started get her to wear a helmet around the house. We would have play time w/ our helmets on. That way, she could get acclimated to the helmet and NOT directly associate it w/ the bike.

    2) Have her look up when snapping the buckle. Pinching skin can create a horrifying scream from a child, regarding of how "pinchless" the buckle claims to be.

    3) Lead by example. I always put my helmet on before I get on a bike.

    4) Maybe let you kid climb on the trailer (w/ a helmet) before they're ready to actually go for a ride. Make it a playtime activity. Soon, they'll be begging you to take them for a ride.

    My kid now knows not to climb inside the trailer w/o a helmet too.

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