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    Infant helmet

    Anyone got any advice on helmets for infants? The reason I'm asking this here in the 'Passion' forum is because I've noticed that a fair number of regulars here have kids and do take their kids on rides with them.

    In any case, I have a 9-month old. Well, he turned 9 months two days ago. By the time the weather warms up enough for him to go out on rides with me, he'll probably be 10-11 months old. We got one of those two-wheeled baby carriages that hitches on to the rear of your bike, and that's what I'm going to use to haul him around. The kid can sit up straight now, he seemed to enjoy a very brief test run on Sunday, so I'm confident that this'll work.

    Which brings me to helmets. Yeah, the carriage has a rollcage and everything, but the helmet is a must, for sure. I went to the Giro and Bell sites to look at their infant helmet offerings, but I'm none the wiser on what I need to look out for as far as these helmets are concerned. The kid'll get a proper fitting helmet at the shop for sure, but are there any characteristics to these helmets that I should look for or be wary of? I noticed that the weight of these helmets weren't all that bad, somewhere around 9oz. Last thing I wanna do is bog down his chubby head with a heavy helmet.

    Any thoughts, advice, warnings?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wow thats long. Anyhow, it weighs 289 grams which is around 10 ounces. I dont have any expirience with them personally as i am not an infant nor do i have one. But i think id buy one of these for my kid. This helmet is the bees knees. All the girl infants on the block are gonna be after him when he is wearing this thing, so you might wanna have the "talk" with him first. Have a nice day.

    * Extended coverage design provides maximum head protection for everyone from 8-month-old babies to 5-year-old kids
    * Half Nelson fit system hugs head with soft, stretchy, yet firm materials for that signature Bell fit
    * Pinch Guard™ buckles ensure that you'll never pinch tender skin
    * Eight ventilation ports provide cooling comfort; built-in foldable foam visor helps protect young eyes from the sun and elements
    * Cam-Lock™ retention system with 1/2-inch straps ensures a snug, secure fit that keeps the helmet properly positioned
    * Sealed-edge nylon fit pads in multiple sizes let you adjust the helmet as your child grows
    * Meets or exceeds U.S. CPSC standards for bicycle helmets

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    Nashbar has several

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    Yeah, I just looked. What I might do is go to the shop for sizing and some place like Nashbar comes in cheaper - and their infant helmets are less than half MSRP! - then I might order one online.

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    I don't know if anyone makes a helmet that will fit on a 9-month old, unless your kid has a melon-head. My kids both didn't get proper-fitting helmets until they were closer to 3.

    I would suggest that another issue you be concerned about is neck support. If I recall correctly, a 9-month-old's neck muscles aren't that well developed. I would recommend putting the infant in an infant car seat in the carrier for maximum protection. This should handle a lot of the safety issues. If your 9-month-old goes flying out of the carrier, I don't think any helmet in the world to do as much good as being buckled snugly into a car seat. D.
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    I really have no idea - that's why I'm asking here. I read 'infant helmet' on the sites - both manufacturers and retailers - and figured that they might work for my kid's large melon, and it is a large melon just like his Dad's!

    I'd be really nervous about using a car seat in a way in which it's not meant to be used. The kid trailer doesn't have the proper seatbelts to really 'nail down' a car seat in place. I think what I'm faced with is simply taking him to the shop to see if anything fits. I was just hoping to gain some insight/pre-advice before we walked in there.

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    I'm afraid about posting...

    As soon as my daughter could hold her head she was in the burly. 2 months old

    She put on just over 600 miles with me last summer. She was strapped in her Car seat for every ride. She absolutely loved it. She didn't sleep for half of the rides, looking around and smiling. The other half was completly asleep. Most of the rides were with friends so I had a extra set of eyes, but for the most part it was a non issue.

    With the car seat and head bumpers there was no way the she could get scuffed. Between the burly roll bar and the car seat she was safer than most Rally car drivers.


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    My son is now about 2 1/2, and he's been wearing something very similar to the Bell Boomerang since he was about 12 months. He's a small kid with a smallish to average size head, and this helmet fit from the get-go. It's got 2 or 3 sets of pads, and an adjustable strap on the back very similar to my helmet.

    IMO, the key thing to look for, apart from fit, is the amount of helmet that sticks out behind the head. Many bike trailers have a flat back support panel, which can have the effect of pushing the kid's head forward a bit. I don't think it's a safety issue, just a comfort thing. Newer Burleys (2002+) have solved this problem with a shallow recess behind the kid's head. But some helmets may be more trim than others.

    Also, I'm sure you're up to speed on this, but kids need to have well-developed neck AND SPINAL muscles before they spend much time in the trailer. Although there is nothing magical about the one-year mark, most pediatricians will recommend waiting until about 12 months. Of course all kids are different, but IMO, it's just not something worth rushing into.

    Edit: in response to Skullman above, the carseat-in-trailer would likely work great, IF you can get the infant car seat strapped down so that if the trailer rolled, the kid wouldn't come flying out. And you still wouldn't want to be bouncing around too much (ie, offroad).

    My wife would never have let me try it with our first-born, but I might try and pull it off with our 4-month-old.

    BTW, my son loves the Burley, and will go anywhere in it. And he always wears his helmet.
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