Inexpensive Sunglasses that won't fog up-
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    Inexpensive Sunglasses that won't fog up

    There are literally hundreds of options out there. I'm having a hard time finding anything that won't fog up for less than $100. I'm a commuter and anytime I wear anything that covers my face my glasses fog up almost immediately and won't clear until I'm going pretty fast.

    I would prefer something that has interchangeable lenses so I can ride at night and in peak sunlight but the clear is definitely more important because it's a lot warmer during the day!

    Thanks for any input!

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    I find that for riding the best glasses regardless of cost are some of the new design impact/ safety glasses. I buy a box at a time at about $10 per pair (available at most hardware/safety stores) and then I usually wax (turtle wax) the lenses or use rain-x anti fog on them. the issue is the venting of the glasses and airflow around them. They all fit my face snug and in the cold I fog up but not near as bad. I have Oakley's, Rudy project and ray bans, as glasses always get damaged and scratched sooner or later I don't wear them riding. to me the safety glasses offer better protection, come in multiple shades/tints and for the cost are pretty much disposable. If I lose a set, its no big concern. The new styles don't look like 7th grade shop class

    WP92932 Wraparound Safety Glasses - Grainger Industrial Supply

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    Thanks for the input. I'll pick up some rainx anti fog asap cause I'm also a fan of the cheapo safety goggles

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    You don't mention the environmental conditions you're riding in.

    IME, some conditions are absolutely brutal for fogging up sunglasses and the only way to avoid fogged lenses is to go without.

    I usually ride with Oakley Jawbones because I like the fit. Cheap glasses always pinch my head and get painful after awhile. But they're not immune to fogging in those tough conditions. Basically, if you're riding in high humidity places where the air is really still, you're going to have a rough time. In that type of stuff, I find that anytime I stop, I have to remove the glasses to avoid fog. Lens treatments have not been worth the money in those conditions for me.

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    You can usually get ansi/Osha approved protective eyewear with the pads on the inside for around $20 at big box hardware stores. The pads keep them off your eyes a bit which helps with circulation and keeps fogging to a minimum. I also use anti-fog for hockey visors (I also use that on the inside of my faux pro case) to keep from fogging up. Works like a charm.

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    I have a pair of Edge glasses and haven't had any issues with fogging.
    Here's one of the test videos.
    Edge Eyewear Anti-Fog Video - YouTube

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    Why not get a pair of goggles? Preferably, with double lenses to stop the fogging. I find if it's cold enough to warrant a covered face, the goggles go on instead of glasses. The fogging on your glasses comes from your breath that is directed upward along a covered face. Hot air rises.

    Also, cheap optics are not worth the hassle. Invest in a good pair of glasses and/or goggles for cold weather riding.

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    Another good word for Edge eyewear. Cheap as chips, look good and pass many tests.
    Its good to know they are being tested rather than take someone's word for it.

    They have many styles and len options, some anti fog. The best for MTB is the yellow tint (85% of the light pass through). There are also clear lens. I am lucky that I can get them at a local hardware store, but you can also buy them online for even cheaper.

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