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    i needa helmet

    after many years of riding with nothing but my cowboy hat ive decided to invest in a helmet after taking a nasty spill( no tr-tra-trauma thank god!) . so what do you guys suggest as a nice commuter helmet?

    open to all price ranges
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    One the fits and is comfortable. No point trolling for brands and models etc. Just start doing the rounds of LBS's and trying them on your scone. Eventually you'll find one that is comfortable and doesn't make you look like a toothpick with an orange stuck on the end.... and that will be the one!! So comfort and fit first!
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    Whatever fits. I like the Bell Furio. It's about $50. Bell has helmets with visors and without. I like them without.

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    Same advice- check out a few of them and go home with the one you like best. I don`t even know what model my current helmet is. The one before it, I don`t even remember what brand.

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    +1 Bell helmets are great. Reasonably priced and comfy once you get them adjusted right. The Bell Metro is cool, it's more rounded than wedge shaped like a typical helmet, kinda looks like a baseball cap.

    Speaking of caps, there are also a variety of brimmed caps, beanies and wicking things sans seams and buttons that you can wear under your helmet without compounding a head injury in a crash. Apparently no cowboy hats though, sorry.
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    I'll echo everyone else and say that it is more important to get a helmet that fits and is comfortable than anything else. For commuting you can get one with a bill like a mountain biker helmet. I use my mountain biking helmet for commuting and when it rains I stretch a shower cap over it using the bill to hold it in place.

    One thing to think about: all helmets should be Snell and ANSI certified but double-check just to be sure. Since all helmets are Snell and ANSI certified it doesn't matter if you pay $20 for one or $200. It should protect about the same. Paying more money gives you more vents, lighter weight, probably snazzier graphics but it won't protect your head any better than a no-frills one.

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    I picked up a Giro with a visor at REI on sale. Has alot of vents, which is nice during the summer, a little cool during the winter!

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    Find one that fits your head.

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    Bell Slant is comfortable for my fat head...also like Limar 801 helmets (bought from chainlove.com)

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    I've used Bell helmets (paradox, slant, and currently using a Metro). I broke the Slant in a crash and it functioned perfectly...I'm a big bell fan after that one obviously.

    I also had a Giro for a while. It pinched my head after about an hour in the saddle and gave me a headache. . I found that Giro helmets are generally more oval-shaped, and Bell helmets are generally more round. I apparently have a round head.

    I love the Metro that I'm using now. Got it as a replacement for the broken Slant. Cool style (not quite mountain, not quite road...sort of rounded out back), and it's got a strap in the back for the blinky taillight when I jump on the 'other' bike with no seatpost mount. There are also a few accessories you can get for it (mirror, liner...I don't have any of the accessories). Nice lid though. Made for the commuter. Also pretty cheap at Nashbar. It's heavier than the paradox and the slant, but not by much. I don't notice the weight difference.
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