• 02-27-2016
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    How to tell if knee elbow pads fit?
    I just got some elbow and knee pads from jenson online. They don't feel excessively tight, but could be possibly a bit loose, not sure, so I'm wondering if I should try a smaller size. I'm about 5'10" - 5'11" and 165 - 170 lbs. These are IXS Flow knee and elbow pads both size Medium. From the attached pics, does the sizing look ok? I had my nipple in there, but I cropped it out of the photos. :D

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  • 02-27-2016
    I have the flows too and love them! I think these run small compared to other styles of knee pads. I ended up with Mediums. I'd say, they look about right to me, hard to say just from looks though. The process I took was ordered multiple sizes and returned the ones that didn't work out.