How are lycra shorts supposed to fit?-
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    How are lycra shorts supposed to fit?

    Maybe a dumb question, but what should one look for in the fit of lycra shorts? On my last order from Performance, I bit the bullet and added a pair of their century shorts to my order. Even from the begining I was unsure because the sizing of the shorts was eitherMed:32-34 or Lg:36-38 and I have a 35 inch waist (I usually have to try on a half dozen pairs of jeans at the store to find a "big" 34 or "small" 36)

    They got here today and I'm now sitting in front of the computer wearing them, wondering if I should keep them, return them for a different size, or return them outright.

    How tight should they be? around the thigh? waist?
    The "boys" seem a bit cramped down there... normal?
    How long should they be on the leg?
    The lycra isn't bonded to the chamois on the butt, so as I sit here at my desk, my butt is kind of squirming around slightly because of the way the lycra is slipping against the chamois. Makes me a bit worried if it will be a similar "slippery" feeling when sitting on the bike?

    One part I'm pretty sure doesn't fit me right is what I would describe as the "upper, inner thigh" panel is pretty loose. The cuff on the thigh is plenty tight, as is the "outer thigh" panel, and the fabric in the hamstring area, but the particular panel I'm refering to is loose to the point where the lycra is actually loose and wrinkley, not pulled tight at all.

    I was kind expecting more from my first set of shorts, is this a definite case of "you get what you pay for"?


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    I have a pair of cheap bike shorts from Dicks sporting goods. They fit loose.. and to get the chamois in the correct place I need to pull them up way high.. So I do believe they're too loose.
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    Generally, the better quality construction and chamois come on better quality shorts (and you'll probably have to pay more than you did for your Performance models, which are on the low end of the scale). If only one panel is loose you should return them, that sounds like a defect; even Performance shorts should fit better. As far as bonded chamois go, you'll have to pay big bucks for a short with that type of construction last I looked; test yours on a saddle in any case (I've had a few pair of shorts that had that feeling, too; I think one of them is a Performance). The shorts overall should fit snugly but not overly tight or restricting Mail order can be hard to get the right fit, too.
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    They aren't meant to fit well when walking or sitting in a chair. They need to fit on the saddle. Standing there, you should find them just a bit loose. Ever notice how the pants get tighter when you squat or sit.

    The boys should be held up and a bit forward so they don't get caught between groin and saddle going over bumps and stuff.

    It's pretty typical for the chamois and lycra to slide on each other a bit. Don't sweat it.

    Try 'em for a ride. What've you been wearing?


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    Look at the pics of the shorts models in the Performance catalog. You will notice that the waist is pulled up pretty high on lycra shorts. You gotta pull them until the chamois fits snug against your choad. You want the chamois to fit snug so that there is no movement in the area to cause chafing. I have a stocky build so my belly (porkchop) tends to push the high-waisted shorts down. Bib shorts solve the porkchop problem. Some shorts tend to mash your junk down others tend to support it. Your personal taste will dictate which fit you will need. Don't worry about the lose pannel until you have tried them on the bike.
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