How long do your skate shoes last compared to 5.10s?-
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    How long do your skate shoes last compared to 5.10s?

    I'm burning through a pair of Vans every 8 months. The waffle sole eventually gets smooth grooves and holes worn in it from the pins.

    If I was willing to pay 3 times the price for 5.10 Line Kings, would they last 3 (or more) times longer?

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    Just get your Van's resoled with the Five Ten Stealth rubber. I'm pretty sure they sell it in diy kits for this purpose, or you can have a shoe shop do it. Either way, it will cost way less than buying new shoes, and you should be able to get at least a couple resoles out of the same pair of shoes.

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    I've got a pair of Vans "Malone"'s that I've worn for close to 2 years. The soles are pretty stiff & have a combo of the waffle but have some mild holes worn in but nothing that causes problems. Probably going to try the 5.10 Line King hi-tops out soon. SHould last me as I'll use'em for riding only, no casual wear.

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    I got a pair of Vans Whip in maybe 2008. Still have them, but I used them all the time. I do see where the pins dug into the shoe, but the bigger problem is the sole is coming loose now. Lucky for me I have a Vans store at the outlet mall and $20 get's me a new pair. But I do like the 5.10 Dirtbag. No laces, just one velcro strap.

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    I've never worn 5.10s, but my current pair of DC shoes has lasted me over a year. That's with riding duty during the warm months and almost daily use year round. I got plenty of sole left.
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