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    How to clean helmet?

    I cant stand it, to put it on and is wet from the last ride 1 or 2 days ago, wet from sweat.

    Whats the best way to clean a helmet? and how often do you guys lean yours?

    Mine is a Gyro XEN , I have had it for 6 months

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    Dishwasher! or Drive thru Car Wash!

    But seriously. remove the pads and hand wash then with a liquid soap (either hand soap or dish soap is fine.) Rince repeatedly after you lather them and you'll be fine.

    As for the shell, put it in the sink and rinse it off, use a soft rag for the goop and you're good.

    If your straps are funky, treat them as you would the pads.

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    How I clean my motorcycle helmets:

    Take it in the shower with you
    use your fave shampoo
    lather, rinse, repeat
    Leave in the sun for a day to dry.


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    Stick the helmet (pads and all) in a sink with hot water. Swish it around a lot, then spray with the spray nozzle a bit. Hang up to dry. Works well and is easy.


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    wow man how the hell can a helmet still be wet after 2 days to dry? i'd look into getting a dehumidifier or something. i sweat like a damn animal and my helmet is good to go the next day every time...

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    bucket of soapy water dunk the helmet a few times...let stand for 5 minutes...dunk a few times more than rinse off.. then wash the car with left overs.
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    mine gets washed when i ride in the rain. that's good enough for me

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    Wow. Must be hot and humid where you live.

    My helmet pads can get pretty saturated, too. The advice above is good for cleaning, but I don't think you want to do that with every ride.

    What you do is, after your ride, press the edge of your finger against each pad and run it down the length. Sweat will pour out of the pad. Problem solved.

    On extremely hot rides, if sweat starts dripping down my face I'll do this. Of, if I'm in a hurry, I'll just press the front of the helmet against my forehead to wring out the front pads.

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    I take it in the shower with me, pour A LOT of shampoo on my head, lather up, and then put my helmet on and move it around......rinse repeat

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    Mine dries fast enough if it isn't a rain week and I can leave it in the sun. But here in Florida it'll get that mildew funk in no time if it isn't dried fast. The worst thing about not cleaning the helmet is the salt build up. If I don't rinse the thing out regularly the salt from all the sweat stays in the pads and then runs into my eyes on the next long ride.

    I just throw it in the kitchen sink and work it over with the spray nozzle and some shampoo.


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