Help, Sidi SRS Spider vs Spec. Pro Shoes-
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    Help, Sidi SRS Spider vs Spec. Pro Shoes

    I could use some help.

    Iím buying a new pair of XC mtn bike shoes. My current ones are the Specialized Pro series which uses a carbon sole. Iíve had these for 4 years and theyíve seen a lot of mud and hose washings and seem to have held up well. Iím taking them to the shoe cobbler for some repair, but in the mean time Iím thinking about a 2nd pair.

    Iíve got a chance to get Sidi SRS Spiders for the same price as the Specialized Pros. (current). The only drawback about the Spiders is that they use a nylon sole rather than a carbon. The retail on the Sidi Spiders is almost 100 bucks more than the Spec. Pro series, does that make them better? I donít know because Iíve never had a pair of Sidiís before.

    I race XC and ride aggressively and the conditions where I ride can be muddy, so washing is something that the shoes will see frequently. Iím just worried about the nylon vs carbon sole for stiffness. I usually donít walk my bike so a stiff sole isnít a problem in that regards.

    I canít justify Sidiís Dragon price to get a carbon sole.

    Whatís your opinion?

    Will the Sidiís be a better overall shoe if I can talk myself into a nylon sole?

    Thanks for any help,


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    Depends on the fit. Which is more comfortable? After that, does the stiffness difference make that much difference? Enough to potentially negate the comfort?

    I ride Spec shoes now due to comfort and fit.

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    if you do try the sidi, can you tell me if you went for the same size, and how was the fit?


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    I too am looking at finally getting a replacement pair of shoes. I've been riding a single pair of Sidi Dominator's for the last 11 years. Their durability has far exceeded my expectations and the only reason I'm looking at replacing them now is that the velcro straps are starting to wear out. Everything else on them is fine with the possible exception of appearance. They've been through three 24 hr races and ridden in VA, NC, TN, GA, FL, TX, CO, and WA on a variety of trails and conditions with no failure. The sole is still stiff as hell after all these years and miles.

    That said, I started looking at the Spider SRS as well, but the first issue I read about was the quick wear rate on the replaceable treads. Some accounts spoke of needing to replace the treads after only 3 rides. Granted those accounts may be coming from people who could break an anvil on accident and perpetually f up wet dreams, but still the sole should last longer than that. After all I read and the sole durability was the consistently recurring issue, I've decided to stick to a new pair of Dominators instead. I'd recommend that you try some of the Dominators and see if you can get an even better deal on them than the Specialized.

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