help with new girls gloves (half finger)-
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    help with new girls gloves (half finger)

    Hi, I've been using Specialized BG Gel Womens half finger gloves since starting riding last summer. I've always had a bit of a problem with numbness in the thumb area and am looking to replace these with another half finger glove (btw - done all the research on half vs. full and am sticking with half

    I like having padding on the upper pad, near the fingers, but the palm pads don't seem to fit in the right places most of the time.

    Any suggestions? Also, has anyone used the Fox Reflex gloves? What do you think?


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    I know this doesn't answer the question you asked, but this might be useful anyway. If you are having numbness issues you might get the fit checked on your bike. Numbness usually indicates *something* isn't right with the upper body set up. For myself, when I shortened up my stem and got NON gel gloves, my numbness issues went away. It can also be indicative of poor riding posture or a death grip on the handlebars.

    just two cents.


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    Thanks for the advice, that's not a bad idea.

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    I also ran into problems with padded gloves not lining up with my hands well - I had started out riding with padded gloves and assumed hand numbness was just something I'd need to get used to. Tried gloves with no padding and it went away. I now ride with MX type gloves with no padding (or seams on the palm) and don't have any issues. But stem fit, etc. is vital too. Different grips could make a big difference too - size, compound, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripes
    This solution fixed my hand numbness:

    - Use gloves with non gel-padded (Fox's have minimal padding)
    - Using thicker grips (so you can't grip the bar so hard)
    This worked for me, too. I got gloves with minimal padding and some thicker grips, and any problems I had went away.

    I really like the Troy Lee XC gloves; they aren't women-specific, but they work really well for my smaller hands. My grips are by Specialized; they make a thicker grip with extra thickness right where you need it.

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    I am on the other side of the coin. I will only use the Perl Izumi Gel Lite gloves with the most gel and I use the Oury super squishy grips.

    Glove Link

    Oury Lock On Grips

    I have pretty bad carpel tunnel issues and at the first sign tingling I shake out my hands.

    On my commuter I changed to these grips. I like them so far and I am considering putting them on my mtb.

    With all that said, I agree that fit and positioning are incredible important to riding comfort.

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