• 05-04-2007
    Help Identifing an Full Face Helmet in Bike ad
    In this months (June) BIKE magazine page 5 (third ad in) in a Whistler bike park ad, in the bottom of the left page, there is a photo of a girl wearing a full face helmet. It looks to be a cross over of a XC and DH full face helmet. I know its not a MET parachute. Is it a CASCO Viper? Or maybe an old GIRO Switchblade. Does anyone know? Im looking for a light full face. Have I found it?
  • 05-07-2007
    nmba guy
    dont have the ad here at work, but I would check out the Specialized Deviant
    it seems well vented.
  • 05-07-2007
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    NEW Casco Viper large helmet for sale
    Brand new Casco Viper large helmet for sale. Bought it and it did not fit my big "Charlie Brown" noggin :madman: . Size large 58-62mm. Grey-silver surf camo pattern. Removeable chin guard.

    Will post pictures, but got to charge camera.