• 07-07-2005
    Helmets for large and long heads.
    Any helmet suggestions for large and long heads? Specifically skate or full-face types? The skate style models I've seen made in two sizes do not work, and I have not (so far) seen if the full-face models that are in L and XL. I assume I need something at or larger than 62 cm based on what fits. 661 publishes large sizes, but I do not see how many cm or inches they are.

    I broke my 3-4 year old Bell Nemesis that fit very well and had better coverage than most light vented helmets. My frequent riding in rocks, and increased air time has me thinking it's time for at least that much or more protection.

    I did find one full-face that fit, but it had no vents and was even hot in the store. I was sure that model would be miserable, so any full-face must have vents.

    Thank you for any advice and suggestions.
  • 07-07-2005
    Go BELL again, they seem to be made to fit a more oval shape head. Can't suggest any model, just know that I've a more oval shaped head and none of the other brands fitted me when I was looking for a helmet.
  • 07-07-2005
    I don't know about full face, but I have a large head, and Gyro Atlas II and Animas fit me. I have hard time finding a helmet that fits me right.