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    Helmets and ingrown hairs . . .

    Anybody else have this issue? I wear my hair buzzed super short, no guard on the clippers (bald on top so it's simply the best option for me. I quite frequently get a few ingrown hairs where the helmet pads grip my head, on one side of my head only. I wash the pads often. My helmet is on tight enough, but not unnecessarily so. I can only assume it's because of the short hair being rubbed and since it's only one side, the particular direction that side grows in. Don't want to grow my hair out as I mention above. Anybody else encounter this and remedy it? Should I try a different helmet(maybe the pads will just rub . . .differently on a different model)? I know, I'll live, but it's annoying and looks gross!

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    We must have the same stylist. I have never encountered this problem. I wear a headset though but not always.
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    I shave my head with a razorblade, so I have sweat pouring into my eyes unless I wear a bandana or a wicking skull cap under my helmet. I have no issues.

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    Exactly why I don't buzz mine quite that short. 1-2 for a guard. No issues that way

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    I would get that on the back of my head with an older 661....the retention system and my buzzed thick hair didn't get along. I opted to go slightly longer buzz job and that helmet is just used for night rides now. No more issues. Usually use a thin merino beanie at night so that probably helps.

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    Thanks Guys, glad it's not just me I got a new helmet coming from Santa, and I'm gonna let the buzz be a little longer for a while-we'll see how that works!

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    I live in SoCal and I never gave much thought to a skullcap or helmet liner since it's usually pretty warm here. But the idea of a wicking liner that also offers some UV protection might be what I should be looking into....

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    Try a skull cap. The Halo cap works great in my SoCal high desert location.


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