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  • 07-07-2010
    Hey guys, I need some knowledge about helmets. Basically all I know about them is that I need one.

    I ride mainly dirt trails. I was just curious on which helmet to get. How much to spend? Type of helmet?



    Those are two that I'm looking at, are they good for riding single track dirt trails? I know any helmets good but isn't there certain helmets for certain styles of riding?

  • 07-07-2010
    For downhill riding you see those full-face helmets. For singletrack and other stuff, those helmets are fine. The more money you spend, the lighter, more ventilated and (I suppose) more comfortable the helmets get.
  • 07-07-2010
    I have that exact Giro Indicator helmet... Love it, especially for the price!

    You can spend more, but all helmets must meet the same minimum standards.
  • 07-07-2010
    i use the bell helmet and i love it the only negative is that adjusting the chin strap is a pain but once you got it its a great helmet plus its very light!
  • 07-07-2010
    As long as your buying the helmet in the USA from a reputable store, they should protect you as intended.
    My criteria for buying a helmet is in this order ...
    1. comfort (fit and ventilation)
    2. looks (shape and color)
    3. price
    4. weight
  • 07-07-2010
    Get one that fits the best, then go for one with a visor b/c they look cool...
  • 07-07-2010
    I got the red indicator from Sports Chalet for $32.
  • 07-07-2010
    Just go buy a motocross helmet then you will be protected for anything you do on a mtb
  • 07-07-2010
    The Giro-Indicator has served me well.