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    Caught this post in the Downhill forum.

    Now I'm an XC geek and don't normally venture into the Downhill forum - but I happen to agree with the poster. Been inspired to try and ride faster, hit things harder on the Ventana than ever before. With some of the Salty burly builds and the X-5's and X-6's around here... I doubt I'm the only one.

    My helmet for this year is gonna be a new Bell XC one, but I wouldn't mind some extra protection for my face. I've been scraped up pretty good by previous crashes, luckily not bad enough to lose teeth or require stiches, but... I'm not ready to start modding an XC or Full Face helmet, but I can see a reason for something like this though.

    Anyone else feel this way?


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    .............. who has never endoooooooooed or had some freaky accidents mountain biking is either darn lucky or doesn't push there skill limits much ! I'm guilty of going light on protective gear most of the time (xc helmet and padded gloves for the most part ) for comfort reasons I guess but feel under protected at times ! Yes, I think a full face helmet and knee, shin, and elbow protective gear is a good idea indeed ! TIG.

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    Didn't read the DH Thread, but I can imagine...

    Any who, the days I know I'm pushing the limits of my skills, (Not the bikes, that for sure)

    FF is the only way to go. Hotter? Yeah, but minor price to pay.

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    I have a 661 full face helmet and it is actually very comfortable and cool. It breathes very nicely. I wear it for shuttle runs and when I go to play on the rock in Moab and other places with similar terrain. Only draw back is that it is tough to get the camelbak hose in your mouth, let alone spit. I usually wear arm/elbow and knee/shin pads, along with wrist guards. I also have a pair of butt pad shorts that protect the hips and thighs. I have a chest protector too but I usually don't wear it. Best piece of gear I have is a pair of Specialized Saw Pit shoes which have nice beefy ankle protectors. I made full use of them this past Sunday as I slammed a rock with my right foot. My ankle was nice and fat that night and it is still a bit sore but without these shoes I probably would have broken my foot. So far I have been lucky and only piled in once while wearing my gear. It seems crashes happen more often when you don't expect it, like that time when I was JRA and next thing I knew I was flying over the bars......

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    Don't see many full face helmets nor body armor around these parts. We are not a big stunt/freeride community, but more long, hard, semi-technical climbs at elevation.

    It make sense if a good portion of your riding includes drops, jumps and other stunts, but not if you are the typical Durango area rider.
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    I've always wondered why there isn't an XC type helmet w/a simple lower face protector similar to what football players use? It would be open to vent but protect your face from impact at least?

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    Check out my helmet!!

    ... or so to speak. In these pics I am wearing a Casco Viper MX. It is an XC style very vented lid with removable chin piece. The chin piece easily clips on and off the helmet in seconds without having to remove it.

    I use it for my trails rides so that I can slip the chin piece on for gnarly things like drops or play areas. It is proper bo i tell thee!!
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