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    helmet washing II

    How is it that my helmet reeks worse after I finally got around to washing it?

    And is it possible to wash the durn thing w/o all the glue melting away and the pads falling out?? Another one of my helmets is unwearable now that the inside has fallen apart.

    One of my stupid non-riding co-workers suggested, "Maybe you should wash your hair before each ride." Grrrr. I wash my hair *after* every ride, when I get home in the evening.

    What about taking it to the dry cleaners? Yes this idea did in fact occur to me the other day.

    I must not be drying it properly. Bah.
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    I rinse my helmet off with the hose and hang dry. No smell. Now my knee and shin pads, that's another story

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    That'll learn ya!

    Never wash your helmet. it only makes it worse!
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    beware leaving the helmet in a hot vehicle also---the glue on helmets these days is really suspect. i guess the best thing to do is store helmet in cool dry place, and wipe the straps and sponge the pads occasionally with a wet soapy dish cloth.

    maybe they ought to start making helmets like the new army kevlars. the pads attach w/ heavy duty velcro and are easily removed to clean.

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    Wash pads and straps in the machine,

    just remember how they go bak together. A mild soap solution in abucket and a soft brush will get teh rest of tehhelmet pretty clean. Rinse thoroughly. Shake out water and air dry.

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    take the pads out , put them in a pocket and wash in machine, take the rest of the helmet and wash in sink, especially the straps, takes a long time for the straps to dry I use liquid anti-microbial hand soap

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    Spray with Lysol ...

    Spraying with Lysol helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christine
    How is it that my helmet reeks worse after I finally got around to washing it?
    I must not be drying it properly. Bah.
    Uh oh, "To Wash or Not To Wash" flirts dangerously close to "Tunes or No Tunes" or "Shimano vs SRAM". You're gutsy enough to start it, so I can't help but play!

    I'm frankly amazed at the number of people who don't wash their helmets, but hey - to each his own, that's what makes the world go 'round!

    I sweat a lot when I ride and am a heavy "salter". My face gets crusty and my helmet straps will be white with salt after a hard 2 or 3 hr ride. As a result, I have always washed my helmets after every hard ride. I might go a couple of easy rides before washing, but for the most part my counter next to the sink is crowded with helmets (mtn, road, urban skid-lid...). I don't use any detergent, just wash it out with warm water, preferably while it's still wet with sweat. I work water in and out of the pads to replace sweat with water, then work the water out one last time to help them dry. They never smell funky, and never fall apart.

    I typically replace my primary helmet every year or two and the old one "trickles down" to become the night-ride helmet or winter helmet or whatever, mainly because I know the styrofoam will weaken over time and the small bumps and bruises on a helmet can add up over time, not because the pads fall apart. Hey, I wanna protect my mellon and feel better using a decent lid. Gotta $40 head? Wear a $40 helmet!
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