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    Helmet thoughts?

    So i recently bought a new giro hex which I like quite a bit, however, even as I was buying it I couldn't help but wonder if I would be better off going full face. I know there are drawbacks to both and it really depends on the type riding you do as to what is definitely necessary but I was just interested in you guy's opinions. What are most of you using?


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    I'm using a typical MTB helmet with visor...GIRO Phase...but I ride mostly XC with some XC Trail type stuff. Nothing even close to high speed downhill...yet.
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    I have the hex too great great helmet one of the best mtb helmets plus it looks very kool
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    The problem with a full face and doing regular trail riding is they are so hot, and not many vents. The Fox Flux, and Giro Hex and Xen, have a little more coverage than just your run of the mil helmet, so that helps some.

    Years ago (mid 90's) I had a TLD helmet which had a removable face guard. However, I don't know if anybody currently makes such a helmet.

    It would be really cool to have a helmet like the Flux, which had some sort of light weight face guard you could put on when riding conditions warrant.

    Here is a pic I found online of the helmet I had:

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    i imagine the removable face protection design didnt pass safety certification

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    I have a fox flux and that helmet is way nice!

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    have a giro rift for trail riding. pretty much your typical xc lid. you only need a full face for fr/dh. any other use is just too hot.

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    I too have a rift, very comfortable. I could see using full face for dh or freeride only.

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    You can never have too much protection.

    I always wear the most protective gear I can without overheating.

    So FF through out the winter, even commuting to work.

    The most important thing about a helmet though is fit, only get a FF if it fits perfectly.

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    oldskoolbiker speaks the truth, you want the right tool for the job. For the essentially the same reasons you wouldn't ride a big heavy DH bike on a trail ride, you wouldn't wear a full face helmet there either. They are heavy, there are not enough vents and they are not designed for that function, and generally speaking you don't need the same sort of coverage when trail riding that you do when doing steep rocky downhill runs.

    I have the exact same setup as oskb, I have a Flux for general riding, a couple dirt jumper lids for around town or when it is cold out, and I've got full face helmets for downhill. AM riding is subjective, for example I wear a full face for the Downieville downhill and not my Flux, which is really not steep at all when compared to a DH run at say, Northstar, but because you can get up to such high speeds it makes sense, and just before they closed up last season, I did a very *hard* high speed crash and faceplant that I'm convinced would have broken my jaw if it were not for the FF.

    So really there is no formula that says, DH = full face, XC = top protection only, AM = top and back etc. DJ lids offer good open face protection, but they have very poor venting if you're going to be doing much pedaling. The thing is you have to look at the kind of ride you're going to be doing, and how you specifically plan on riding it. Most people hit Downieville with an open face XC helmet, then again, most people are going slow enough that it is safe to do so. Only you can be the judge of that.

    Just my 2cents.
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