I have a Recon I've had for about a year and a half and thinking about getting a new one, the pads have been removed and washed a couple times and are getting a little tires and the straps are getting to where they need adjusting every time I wear the helmet.

I really love the more full coverage back on the Recon, really have loved the helmet, and was thinking about trying something along the same lines but a different brand, possibly the Fox Flux and the new Specialized Tactic II really looks good for the price. Through an online vendor the Flux can be found for anywhere between $50-65 new and I can pick up a new Spec helmet at my LBS for about that same price.

Flux appears to be almost identical to what I already have, maybe a slight change in the strap/retention systems, but only difference is its about 50 grams heavier and has the spoiler on the back..

The Tactic II appears very similar to the Recon and Flux but I'm interigued by the nifty new tri-strap system thingy they have going on that will make the strapping pull more distributive and more comfortable around the ear. Its very reasonably priced and available at my LBS and I'll have warranty support if I have any issues through them, its also the lightest of the 3 helmets and has a removable visor should I ever decide to do so.

Anyone try both and can give me opinions?