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    Helmet Replacement

    Hi, I hit my helmet on a low tree today. It has a small dent. The helmet got hit pretty hard on the top of it. Do I need to replace it?
    Thank you
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    Helmets are designed to absorb AN impact not impacts. Only you know how hard it hit but if it truly was a substantial impact like you say, I would replace it. After all, what’s your head worth?

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    Personally, I wouldn't replace a helmet with little dings that haven't significantly crushed or cracked the foam, but my head isn't worth much. Of course you can't truly know how compromised a helmet might be just by looking at it so it's a judgment call, and judging from that pic, I'd keep using it. A ding might be just what you need to justify that new helmet you've been lusting after.
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    Look inside the helmet at the EPS foam, see if you see any cracks, if you see any, then for sure replace, if not, it's your call, only you know how hard you hit. Personally, this is how my helmet gets used most of the time, I've hit so hard (got "grounded off") under a low branch and came to a stop so hard it cracked the helmet in several places, but it saved my neck taking the impact. I've taken other hits and got small dings/dents and have not replaced because foam showed no cracks.
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    Like the others I would not replace the helmet unless you are able to see some cracks or if you feel that the helmet's structurally compromised. My current helmet had saved my melon on a half dozen low branch impacts and one or two other impacts and still seems fine but I am looking at replacing it here soon.

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