Helmet recommendation???

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  • 05-17-2010
    Helmet recommendation???
    purpose: XC. Light AM.

    Looking at a Giro PNEUMO because local bike shop has them clearing out at $80.

    but it is a road bike?

    maybe I should look at the Xen instead?

    thanks guys :)
  • 05-17-2010
    John Kuhl
    I really like my Giro Xen.

    Best, John
  • 05-17-2010
    road helmet, mountain bike helmet... I think the only difference is in the bike you choose to go with that helmet. I end up taking my visors off anyway, then it looks just like a road helmet to me.

    I just received a UVEX XP100 and it is much more comfortable than the Bell helmets I've worn in the past, plus it has plenty of vent holes.
  • 05-17-2010
    Just get a helmet that fits you well.

    Visors restrict vision in the low road bike riding positions, but keep the sun and minor vegetation out of your eyes, when riding MTB.