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    Helmet question

    It is time for me to invest in a new helmet but I was wondering if there is a difference between Road and XC Helmets? Just looking at them, it seems the Road helmets would be cooler/lighter but how much safety is sacrificed on the trail because of this? Sorry for the newb question but I have never known the difference. Thanks!

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    There really isn't that much difference...

    between road and mountain helmets. They have to meet the same standards for impact resistance etc. to be certified. In some cases the only thing a manufacturer changes on a helmet to make it mountain helmet is to add a visor. Recently some manufacturers have recognized the need for a little more coverage for their mountain designs. This is a good thing as riding styles have become more aggressive. I personally have always thought that a mountain helmet needed a little more coverage in the rear than a road helmet. But that's just me. For the most part a "road" helmet will work just fine for off road and vise-versa. Unless your talking a time trial helmet or something like that. The biggest thing in selecting a helmet is FIT. There are "traditional" designs that are labled "road" and "mountain", but either will work just fine for either disipline.

    In that vien, I've seen mountain helmets that have just as many air vents as road helmets, you just have to shop around a little. Personally I prefer more of a middle of the road approach. Where I ride it can be pretty brushy and tight. I find the the fewer vents the fewer sticks, branches and twigs get jamed into my head when passing through or under overhanging or tight brushy sections. Anyway, take your pick, road or mountain, either will perform eaqually well in the impact protection department.

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