Helmet mount light

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  • 09-06-2009
    Helmet mount light
    I currently have a night rover halogen setup (12 watt total) mounted to my bars. While okay for road riding, I treally tend to overrun it off road, just not bright enough/long enough throw.

    I've come across a blackburn x4 helmet mount on jenson usa for < $100. This light uses 'luxeoon emitters'. I have no idea what these are. I did find a review on MTBR of this light, but wanted to get input as to whether this would be a good helmet light mated with my current night rover setup? I don't want to spend major coinage, but understand you get what you pay for.

    Also, I thought HID was all the rage, now it seems LED is the bee's knees? Whaere do 'luxeion emitters' fall?

  • 09-06-2009
    For about $100.00, look at the Magicshine from Geoman, www.geomangear.com. "RATED" at 900 lumens, more like 600 (give or take) from what others have said compared to other light barnds.

    Helmet mount should be available SOON. Last I knew, Geoman said he was waiting on the straps for the mounts, but does have the mounts.

    I just ordered 2 last night myself.