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    Helmet Debate

    No...this isn't a helmet thread asking what kind of helmet I should get, but a thread debating what sort of helmets people are "for". So the debate is this: Do you buy a rather lower priced helmet to protect your lid? Or do you believe in spending a lot of money to protect your head "even more".

    I've heard it a lot...."A 40 dollar helmet for a 40 dollar head". Well...thats not so easy to say if they're certified to the same standards....There are many lower priced helmets these days that do indeed provide good protection and are certified to the same as the higher priced ones.

    The higher priced helmets however...may provide extra stiffness and protection. But I've mostly noticed that the more expensive ones are lighter and more ventilated. They appear to offer the same protection as a lower priced helmet.

    So in conclusion...all helmets have one goal: Protect your head. Which side will you argue on, spending more? Or spending a more reasonable/bargain amount?
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    I've owned many helmets, not just for biking. In most cases, the more expensive ones are more comfortable or have some other feature specific to it's use beyond the basic safety aspect. If the helmet is certified, it's as good as any other certified one as far as safety.

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    Its your head!!!

    I say buy the best protection you can at the time you buy. and just like you upgrade your bike, you can also upgrade you protection as well.

    Again . . . Its your head!!!!


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    Almost any helmet will protect your head. You buy a $40 helmet because you are on a budget and won't be wearing the helmet for more than 45 min at a stretch.

    You buy a $125 helmet because you're wearing it for 5-6 hours at a time and comfort becomes a real issue very quickly.

    If you look at the helmets from the inside you'll see the difference in padding and ventillation. If you hold two helmets, you'll find one of them to be lighter. This is what you are paying for.

    Don't let anyone tell you a cheap helmet won't (necessarily) protect your head by virtue of its cost.

    That said, road helmets have no visor, because you need all the peripheral vision you can get; dirt jump helmets have back-of-the-head protection that other helmets don't have... Get a helmet that suits the activity you intend to do.

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    Helmets are certified to certain standards, a cheap ass vigor passes the same muster as a Troy Lee. there are the normal bike helmet cert, for lighter helmets and there is Snell and DOT which are certified for crashes at higher speed. For DH a DOT helmet isn't a bad idea for slow stuff it can be worse.

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    sunyracegirl summed it just fine, $=comfort -$=it'll work

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    When I first got into MX I just got a bottom of teh line HJC helmet cause it's what the dealer had. It is sooo comfortable and I still wear it for practice most of the time. Even after purchasing more expensive helmets I still love my HJC. So I don';t know. just my cents
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    This is the same debate as in streetbike helmets. The nicer helmets are just that nicer. I really doubt they are all that much safer, if at all. When I first started riding motorcycles, I bought an HJC and it was fine and have seen them protect the noggin enough to feel that it was a safe helmet. But, when I bought a Shoei at 4 times the price, there was no contest. It feels much better, is way more comfortable and doesn't annoy me at times like the HJC did. Since I wear it almost everyday, I didn't mind forking out $400.

    For the mtb, I bought an azonic t-55. It is okay, but next time I will definitely be getting something nicer, like a Giro or TLD.

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