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    Helmet camera advice

    I picked up an Oregon Scientific ATC2K, which for the most part is pretty darned cool.

    The only problems I've run into so far are keeping the unit stabilized to the helmet (without flopping around on it's own - it sort of clips into this plastic binding that holds the ends of this rubber strap that goes around the helmet). The problem with this is that it is free to rotate about 15 degrees in either direction along the plane of the side of my full face, which means it does that every time I hit a bump that causes my helmet to move (and don't tell me to ride smoother, I'm filming rockgardens and already riding a little conservatively when I have the camera on my head). I posted this in the DH forum since I'm typically going to be riding rougher terrain so it needs a little extra stabilization than it would for smooth XC. I'll post up plenty of vids once I get the setup dialed too.

    Also since I'm mounting the camera to the side of my helmet I need some sort of basic video editor that will allow me to rotate the video 90 degrees to get the images upright during playback.

    Suggestions for mounting or for some kind of basic freeware program to edit/rotate/crop video files? Thanks in advance!

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    Track down raptordude he has doon some sweet vids on rough terain
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    I have the same camera and i love it. I mount it on the top of my helmet and make the straps really tight, that normally keeps it stable.

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    Theres a quick guide if you run into any other problems or need help setting it up.

    As for mounting, I have two styles to help you out with:

    1. Skate Lid: These are the hardest to mount due to their tricky vents and smooth surface. In the thread above you can view the sticky wiring mounts that you can purchase at the hardware store. They work great, stick very well, and provide a loop for a zip tie. Use LOTS of Zip Ties, they are your best friend.

    2. Full Face: Full Face is a little easier IF it has vents. Thankfully the Deviant has this nice little hole on the visor which works perfectly. If you can find a vent that has the proper alignment, then you can simply use a lot of zip ties through it. If not, you may have to use the sticky wire mounts.

    Mounting it is really quite simple for my setup. The camera is in this ABS plastic case which has a large mounting area which will prevent the camera at all from shifting forwards or backwards. The "Chap Stick: style cameras I often see have a smooth surface thats hard to keep from shifting forwards and back. When mounting, MAKE SURE you tighten the zip ties as much as they'll go, and use around 4 of them...

    Also, don't buy into buying mounts from people like Viosport or what not. Mounting requires creativity and a lot of cheap stuff you can simply get at the hardware store. It all takes just a little bit of time and thought to correctly mount it...once you figure it out, its all good from there.

    If you got questions, don't hesistate to ask...


    As for the 90 Degree thing...I don't know the specifics about your helmet cam, but if its circular you just have to rotate it, and mark with a sharpie or something the right way up.
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    Unfortunately the camera I have does not rotate with respect to its mounting bracket so if there's no software that can rotate the video I may have to mount it on top of my helmet. I'm also sporting a D2 so there aren't many vents to work with and the helmet is smooth over the entire thing pretty much. With that said I'm kind of left with the option of having to get creative with basic hardware store supplies. I'd just like to see what other people have come up with for a full face with no usable vents (WITHOUT drilling speedholes in my helmet).

    Thanks for the help.

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    You can buy industrial strength Velcro at the hardware store. I guarantee this will make the job quite simple.

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