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    Helmet/Bar Mount Combo Recommendations?

    Hey guys, I am new to the forum. Been lurking for a while and decided to join up. I have recently become interested in night riding and have found a few buddies to ride with. I will primarily be doing tight singletrack through the woods. There will be some fairly fast downhills as well. I don't expect the rides to last more than 2 hours. I have decided that I want a light that throws more of a spotlight pattern for my helmet and one that throws more of a flood pattern mounted on my handlebars. Does that sound like a good setup and give some recommendations for which lights I should buy? I am thinking that I like the new Airbike P7 for my bar mounted flood light and maybe a Nightrider Mininewt for my helmet but am open to anything. What do yall think? Thanks in advance, Chuckie

    P.S. I know I am going to have to spend some money to get a good setup but try to keep the price in mind when giving me some recommendations. Nothing too expensive like 400+ for just one of the two lights.
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    I purchased 2 amoeba's from SCAR for my wife to use. One spot and one flood. She loves them. They are simple, very small, and put out a very good amount of light. The battery life is over 2 hours. Check the Classifieds for Jays contact info

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    I have a Niterider TriNewt and MiNewt. Couple things I like; the lights last about the same amount of time, the extension cables are interchangeable, I haven't had a problem switching between batteries, I've went head/light first into a stream with no damage to the light. In a pinch I can lend the TriNewt to a new night rider and it's enough light for them to feel comfortable as a handlebar light, and the MiNewt lets me ride with them if I have it on the helmet. I can't really analyze hot spots, beam patterns too well but I haven't noticed any issues using the lights together. I can still tell when the MiNewt crosses into the TriNewt, but it's not that noticeable because the TriNewt is so bright over such a wide area.

    Granted it's not a cheap combo, but it should last a long, long time and I can ride as much as I want at night. Plus if I have a problem with one of the batteries or lights I can mix match battery/lights to have redundancy in my setup.

    There's a site called "Lactic Acid Threshold" or something like that with really good reviews for a wide range of lights. I don't know what will be new this year, but that site has some good info on what to look for.

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    have a PrincetonTec SB2 and 3 for all the same reasons as Frontierwolf.
    Got them NIB at EBay for 145 and 167Usd resp.
    Couldnt ask for more.

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