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    Heel lift while walking in clipless shoes

    I went down to my local REI to buy a pair of cycling shoes. While walking in the shoes (Chrome Kursk), my heel came up slightly and I mentioned it to the salesperson, who told me it was a result of the shoe's stiff sole and didn't seem to think it would manifest itself while I was pedaling. Pulling on the shoe, my foot felt firmly held in place. I ordered a pair in a different color and am waiting for them to arrive.

    Should I cancel the order and go with a shoe that doesn't have this issue? The Shimano XC 31's I tried did not have the same issue but I wanted a more casual shoe for commuting so I ordered the ones that I did.

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    If you're just commuting, then it won't make a difference, if you were out racing or serious riding and there was one that kept your heal snug, then yes, I'd definitely get that on instead.
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    Yeah. Walking in shoes is not a good test of how they'll work when riding and vice versa. Stiff soles don't bend, and while pedaling they don't need to as the pedal rotates on the spindle. Mtb clipless pedals have stiff soles to distribute the force of a small pedal over a large area of your foot. Some have soles that are a more flexible, or have flexible zones to improve walkability. Flat pedal shoes can be more flexible as the large area of the pedal helps distributes the force over your foot.
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