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    Heated insoles for long rides in cold weather?

    As I advance in age, one thing that's become more of an issue for me is cold feet on long rides in ~0-15 F. The rest of me does fine at those temps.

    I can generally go up to a max of around 3 hours with a mid-weight pair of Northwave boots and toe warmers. I used to have Lake 302's and found them to be too clunky and heavy plus, my feet would still eventually end up cold.

    There are times where I'd like to ride for 4-5 hours and I wondered if anyone has recommendations on battery powered insoles.

    These look slick

    The RC Heated Insoles - Hammacher Schlemmer
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    Interesting. I was expecting something with a battery pack and wires running down you leg. What I'd be interested in would be gloves using the same concept.

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    +1....my feet are doing ok still with good wool socks, but my hands are the first and most likely lingering distraction i have riding.
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    Hmm. I like it. My feet also are the weak link in super cold (below Zero F) temps even with my current set up if I stay out over an hour or two. Check out mikesee's blog for some really good advice for feet. I haven't read it in awhile but it's combination of Lake MXZ303 boots wildly oversized (like 3 sizes) with felt liners and wool socks IIRC. He spends days in Alaska on the Iditabike every year so has his kit pretty well dialed.

    The only possible potential downside to the electric insoles may be controlling the heat. If your feet get sweaty, then clammy, they will also get/feel cold.
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    My feet are also my biggest issue when riding in cold weather but, for me, that's anything below 40 degF!

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    My feet only really get cold if I stop or put to much on them and they sweat. I rode 2 weeks ago for 3 hours in single digit temps at night. I had on snowboarding socks and 5-10 impact high's. At the end of the ride my feet were just getting cold and I was fine till we stopped and I should on the cold ground not moving when we stopped.
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    I bought a pair of those insoles last year. I wasn't able to use them because they're very thick and took up too much volume in my shoes (Northwave Celcius).

    Ive been trying different things since then and now Im wearing hunting boots with Smartwool socks & chemical toe warmers. This works reasonably well until my feet start to sweat.

    Im going out later today and Im going to try a variation of Mike Curiak's Iditarod fat bike race system. Thin sock base, plastic bag, wool sock. The plastic keeps the wool dry.

    Warm Feet are Happy Feet ? by Mike Curiak | FAT-BIKE.COM

    These are the boots I got. They're light & comfortable & the sole wraps around the side of the boot on the instep and gives some rub protection from crank arms. Model 2873 is the insulated model.

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    I read on a forum to try spray anti-persperant to keep feet from sweating

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    I like what Mike C did there... thoughtful and thorough (and hence effective) but since-and he states this- the felt insulation liner is so thick it just won't work for folks with bigger feet.

    But still the concept is spot-on. Thin NOT COTTON sock (I use silk), followed by a plastic vapor barrier (can be omitted if you're feet don't sweat and your ride is relatively short), followed by an outer insulation (in my case, a good wool sock), followed by oversized boots. Like he says, that's key. Do everything else right, but get boots too small and you're basically screwed!

    In the near future, for my usually 2-3 hr rides, I would like to get an electric warming system to try. Let me know how well (or not) these do for you guys that try 'em...

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    I have a pair of these, my feet never get cold. I wear them over a mid weight wool sock.
    Seirus Hyperlite Stormsocks Waterproof Socks - REI.com

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    I'll have to give Mike's layered +vapor barrier approach a try. Definitely enough room in my boots for a second thin pair of socks and plastic.

    Don't think I can setup his full system because I am over size 10 (he said: "I buy a size 9 felt liner, and a size 15 (!) outer shoe. If your feet are bigger than about a size 10, this system will probably not work for you, simply because the outer shoes only go up to size 15 from most manufacturers").

    Looking as though the really cold weather is done for this winter in the US mid Atlantic region. I rode on 0, 6 and 14 F days the past few weeks and did alright with a single pair of dense (medium but not super thick) wool socks and chemical warmers on the 0 F ride. I rode the other day in ~25 F temps w/o chemical warmers and my feet got cold- much more than on the really cold days (it was snowing and definitely higher relative humidity).
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