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    I was wondering how many of you listen to music while in the trail? and if there is a certain type of headphones you prefer, regular earbuds or the sport earbuds that wrap behind the ear, cable or wireless? Where are you keeping the phone at so the cable will reach it? I was wondering about a wireless sport earbud, and then keeping my phone in my camelbak. Thanks for any insight.

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    I haven't on the trail, but do road riding on occasion. I use Westone UM1s which are wired, seal the ear and greatly attenuate ambient sounds, which is a major reason I like them for road riding. I wouldn't want this for trail riding though.

    There are the usual safety and etiquette concerns to consider.
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    I rarely ride solo, but I do run. When I run I like listening to music on my iShuffle. The ear buds I use are Shure SE215. The sound is clear. The product comes with accessories that allow you to custom fit the ear pieces to your ear. The wire wraps around and does not interfere with eyewear.

    The high end Shure products are used by professional musicians etc. and are crazy expensive but they make affordable earbuds (mine have lasted 2 years so far and cost $99)

    SE215 Sound Isolating? Earphones | Shure Americas
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    I ride usually with 1 Apple ear bud in, not both. Don't be one of those trail user's who use both and then get all startled when a biker rolls up behind you. Proper trail etiquette please! BK

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    Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones by Aftershokz. They keep your ear canal open and send the sound through your skull so you can hear both the music and everything around you. Great sound and safety rolled into one. I have no incentive to recommend them other than really liking the product. I've turned several friends and coworkers onto them and they all love them.

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    For mountain biking, I'm by myself and rarely meet other people on the trails. Simple cell phone speaker and know where the volume button is to turn it down. Not too loud, can only hear it when I'm going slow.
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    Over the years I've tried different ear buds for bike riding specifically ... I gone with these for over a year or two they are wireless waterproof sweat proof not too expensive seem pretty industructable and they don't fall off . I can still hear people coming up on me They don't have the very best sound or super loud but their decent A simple touch to the ear piece mutes it to talk to some one. The guy I ride with kept buying different expensive ear buds that seem to break or something goes wrong with them. He's recently switched to these. For gym or personal listening I use different ear buds

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    I have a couple pairs of jaybirds and a pair of Jabra all wireless in ear. The ones I use most for ride however are the cheap apple ones because the don't block sound. I can hear riders, squirrels, and all but still have music. I feel the in ear block the sound really well and I don't want to be unaware of what's going on around me.

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    I have a pair of Jaybird X3 and I really love them. I agree with what was said above that it blocks out sound around you, but they are pretty easy to pop out and back in your ear if you come upon another Rider. I don't find myself wanting to talk to the squirrels anyway. I can't imagine riding with corded headphones anymore. Heck I can put them on while I'm getting my bike ready and everything, and I don't even have to worry about where my phone is, whether I have my pack on comma or any of that. It really freeze things up. I have had wrecks in the past where my dangling cord yanked the ear buds out of my ears on a corded set. It's not that big a deal I guess, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.

    the only other cordless Perry had was a set of Jaybird X2. Honestly, I really do like these headphones. I'm sure there are other good ones out there, but I wouldn't recommend anything other than cordless anymore.

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