• 01-18-2007
    Which half-shell (a.k.a. BMX/dirt/freeride) helmet?
    I'm looking to buy two helmets (me and my buddy) to mainly do some dirt jumps and lil' bit o' downhill with (not the serious stuff - for that there is full face).

    I see Bell Faction, Giro Flak, and Pro-Tec Freestyle. My questions:
    1. Which is the strongest?
    2. Is there a difference between a "BMX/Freeride" and the multi-sport version of the same helmet?
    3. Are there other differences between the helmets (I assume none of them are very well ventilated)


    Links to the helmets:
    Giro Flak , Pro-Tec , Bell Faction
  • 01-18-2007
    I've always liked Pro-Tec helmets, I used to wear one back when I took my bmx bike to Vans Skatepark.
  • 01-18-2007
    It probably depends on the manufacturer of the helmet, but I know with some companies they "multi sport" models aren't necassarily cpsc certified like bike helmets are required to be (not that that's necassarily an indication of safety, road helmets meet this.)
  • 01-18-2007
    RYAN E
    I have tried the three you are talking about, and I felt like Giro Fit and looked the best.I have crashed in dirt and snow very hard with my Giro Flak, and it has protected me very well.