Good Full-Face Helmet for XC-
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    Good Full-Face Helmet for XC

    Today after taking a full face plant spill while going down a pretty muddy hill I think it is time to look into mud tires and possibly a full face helmet.

    I have chosen to get Maxxis SwampThings for the tire replacements.

    I would like to know peoples thoughts on a XC rider getting a downhill full face helmet.
    Anyone done this already?

    It seems to make sence. All the high speed wrecks I have had have in the past where the face has gotten damaged have been going down some hills

    The only issues I see against are:
    Poor Ventalation
    Poor hearing
    Reduced Visbility
    A little more weight

    Thanks for any thoughts

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    I think the biggest question is what kind of weather do you ride in?
    I live in the northeast, hot and humid, and i COULD NOT imagine riding a full on DH helmet. I have a mad max II that i use for DH and it is bad enough on those days. i have gone in for a freeride pedal day and it is absolutely unbearable.
    It is very too bad the Switchblade is not made anymore because that is what I would recommend to you.
    If you think you can bear a full on DH freeride helmet, then the more power to you, it will definitely give you more protecton and more confidence. Good luck!

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    full face

    J- I was in the same boat as you, wanting full face protection after a couple of scary XC endos. I went out and bought a 661, which you can get for $50 on line at a couple different sites (Jensons,pricepoint) My concerns were the same, too hot, decreased visibility etc, but it has worked out fine. 'The first couple of rides it was wierd, but I dont even notice it now. This particular helmet had too much padding on the jawline, I trimmed it back and can breathe just fine. I do sweat quite a bit more, but I just make a point to take if off here and there during trail breaks. Overall a good move for me. BTW I also live in the humid northeast, have worn it on 90 degree plus days without too much discomfort. A bit more sweat is worth it to me

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    Thanks for the input

    I am living in London, UK at the moment so hot, humid weather just doesnt exist here
    I will look into a full face now as a replacement for my current XC helmet.

    I really wish a manufacturer would make a full face helmet designed for XC riders though.

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    Any of you seen this one?

    Met Para-Chute Helmet

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    I want to get a full face helmut for the winter. I was fairly comfortable without one but the face covering I had iced up a lot. I am also interested in a little more head coverage when unexpected spills are more probable.

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