• 04-21-2014
    Goggles that fit inside urge archi enduro, tld d3 or fox rampage
    I have a pair of 100% goggles that pinch my nose when wearing with a full face oneal airtech. Well I am looking for a better well ventilated FF helmet of those 3 and a pair of smaller goggles to fit in them. Any suggestions? I have seen smith goggles on a few riders that look smaller than the 100% goggles. Anyone had any experience with smith for fit with any of those helmets and goggle fogging issues?
  • 04-22-2014
    Had a TLD D3 and Rampage Pro. I have used Oakley Crowbars and Scott Tyrant with the D3 and the Tyrants with the Rampage pro without issue. I will say the Scott Tyrant goggle is amazing. It has an adjustment that will form around your nose area. Worked really well for me.