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    New question here. Gloves with seamless thumb?

    I have this problem where the seam on the inside of my right thumb causes my thumb and part of my hand to go numb...for up to 48 hours after a ride. This does not happen when road biking, only when mtb'ing so I think it has to do with the way I grip the bar for each. However, if I do not wear gloves it doesn't happen even mtb'ing. I have tried more than one brand including Pearl which was recommended to me for this problem and it still happens because that seam is still in the same place. It also leaves a "red" spot and almost a blister there. Can anyone recommend a glove that does not have a seam along the inside of the thumb? I went to a couple of LBS and all of the gloves they stocked had a seam in that same place.

    I am female so a women's size is what I'm looking for but I could probably wear a small man's if I had to, I just need to find something that will alleviate this problem.


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    Fox gloves

    I've been really happy with the Fox Palladium (or whatever they are called). They are usually $20 for the full fingered XC/trail use glove, they are vegan, have almost no padding and breath really well and are stitched for mountain biking, and have lasted for many years of use and washing machine cleanings. I usually have trouble fitting XL gloves and they fit well, don't know if they make a woman's size.

    - ray

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    Have you tried wrapping the thumb inside the glove?

    If this was my problem and I couldn't find a seamless glove, the first solutions I would try would be

    - a strip of moleskin on the sensitive area of the thumb..

    - a folded piece of paper towel, held by a strip of duct tape.

    - snipping a finger off of a fleece or knitted glove. I'd put this (or a segment of it) over the thumb, and then put the thumb inside the biking glove. If the snippet has a seam, turn it away from the sensitive spot on the thumb.

    - snipping a finger off of a heavy-duty dishwashing glove. If a single-layer segment doesn't work, how about two segments, one over the other?

    One other thought...can you cut the offending spot out of the biking glove, and stitch around it so the hole doesn't run?

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    Try Kona gloves

    I've had Specialized gloves that seemd to have that problem, Kona gloves are very smooth in that area.

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