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    Gloves question

    Hi, i just came back from Northstar, and damn i had fun, but my palm was hurting like a hell for the last few hours, especailly the part between the thumb and index finger, I was wearing a pair of Fox flexair gloves. So i am wondering if anyone have any good recommendation on some good padded gloves? Thank you

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    might be that your handlebar grips are too hard or thin

    With soft rubber grips like Ouri, any glove will do. Ouri grips absorb shock and also allows a good grip on the handlebars.

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    I use baseball gloves... lol, but I no longer get pain on my palm and my minor carpel tunnel has stopped, I need the full glove to support my sloppy grip.
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    bar adjustment?

    Good grips go a long way, but you might play around with your bar angle/sweep or shifter/brake lever position.

    I was having regular pain on the palm that was really focused on the soft tissue below my pinkie, but just above my wrist. Tried different types of grips, and eventually settled on Yeti lock ons. This was an improvement over the Kona Jackshit(?) grips, but I was still having some of the pain, especially after the longer days out.

    Leaned my bike against a wall and climbed on, standing, crouching, leaning over the bars a little and so on. Came to the conclusion that my xc riser bars were rotated foward a little too far for me; bars were swept up just a bit too much and because of this I was regularly putting most of my weight on the outer part of the bar and thus the outer part of my hand. Rotated the bars back so that the grip surfaces are swept back but are vertically flat now. Readjusted my levers and now it's gravy.

    Try some different positions and such. Works for sex; might work for your hand pain too. Also, try gripping the bar with the gloves on and no grips. While doing this, make sure that there aren't some thick-stitched seems in the gloves near your pain spot. Badly stitched gloves will do it too; I've got a new pair of Sidewinders that I don't use because they're lumpy inside.

    Good luck
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    I've found that the full-finger motorcycle (dirt bike) gloves are more comfortable than the half-finger bicycle gloves I've tried. Also, as some said earlier, soft grips go a long way to relieving hand pain and numbness. I like Pro Grips on my dirt bikes, they really help with the vibration.

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    I had the same problem up at northstar, after about 2-3 hours of riding my hands were killing me, i'm curiuse to see how they do now that i have softer grips and new gloves

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