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  • 10-07-2011
    In desperate need of some good riding gloves. I have no preference or anything specific in mind right now, just wanting to see what y'all prefer.
  • 10-07-2011
    Go try them on, make sure you get a set that properly fit. I wear either motorcross gloves or 661 gloves :: SixSixOne Protection :: the 661 gloves breath better than any motorcross glove i have ever had, i will probably be going back to motocross gloves as the weather cools off.
  • 10-07-2011
    Just XC for me so don't need anything more than a light-weight, full-fingered glove. I always buy on sale, too. My current pair is a black and gray pair of Serfas which cost me $10 or $12. GF's are Fox Incline for under $10. Check Price point, Jenson, etc for sales.
  • 10-07-2011
    I'm a fan of the Specialized XC Lite glove. I don't like any of the gloves with those stupid gel inserts, I find they cause blisters after several hours.

    The Specialized version is not the cheapest but these have lasted longer for me then any of the others I have tried.
  • 10-07-2011
    i like light full fingered gloves, non padded. i have a $25 Fox brand but i dont know which model. hands stay dry in the summer so no fingerless for me...
  • 10-07-2011
    I use some Fox full finger motocross gloves. They offer a little more protection than I need but after taking a fall into a root and destroying my skin, I'll take it. They are a tad warm but I've worn them all summer and still no seam ripping which is almost impossible to not have because of the size of my hands.

    Dirtpaw Glove
  • 10-07-2011
    661 Raji The Best in warm weather,i agree with what the rest said buy on sale because they will not last more then 1 season.
  • 10-07-2011
    yeah I got a pair of 661's. they are weaker than most others but they have a decent crash pad and are sufficient to protect your paws from sticks/branches on single track.

    they have lasted me several seasons though the sticky grippy coatings have all come off and they are showing some big holes.
  • 10-07-2011
    I use Fox dirtpaws and I like them. They run about $20 and should last a whole season.
  • 10-11-2011
    I have POC Index Flow gloves. they are expensive, but they're the best gloves i've ever had. the best grip I've ever had with gloves.
    they don't have the grip areas just on the fingers/fingertips only. the whole hand area is one huge grip area..
    check them out if you want to spend that much cash...
    plus - they look really sick...
    Index Flow - POCSPORTS.COM
  • 10-11-2011
    Specialized BG Ridge for summer riding, by far the comfiest, lightweight and breathable gloves for summer riding. They do not have seams on the top panel (its one solid piece of material), you will never get irritated on your knuckles.

    POC Index DH for autumn riding. Super comfy, extra protection is here because it is slippery in the autumn, and they are warmer. I love the leather feel they have, really classy.

    As mentioned, you might go with POC Index Flow as well.
  • 10-11-2011
    I use Fox dirtpaws as well for both my mountain bike and my dirt bikes
  • 10-11-2011
    Yep. Fox Dirtpaws or Reflex Gel if you like light padding.
  • 10-12-2011
    I use some mechanic style gloves from Home Depot (not the mechanix brand). $9, full fingered, padded palm, velcro wrist strap. Works just fine for riding.
  • 10-13-2011
    I wear Troy Lee Designs XC Air gloves during every ride or race, except for BMX racing where I tend to have a lot more get-offs. TLD XC Air for general riding, TLD SE (motocross gloves) for aggressive riding.