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    Ive been using some mechanix gloves lately the ones with padding on the knuckles and rubber on the index, thumb and middle finger. My outter palms get pretty soar from ridding so I want to get some thing with some extra pad on the palm. And Id like to not have full finger as it seems to be a pain to adjust my front shock as needed. Im looking for some suggestions.

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    Proper fitting full finger gloves will suit you fine and allow you to do your adjustments.

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    there's another post further down the list that has a big thread with recommendations...

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    I too am a fan of fingerless gloves, at least when it isn't clold out.

    I just picked up a pair of "Rejuvenation" gloves at Target for $15 They have pads in the palms and have a stretchy top. Very comfortable

    They were in the exercise area, marketed as weight lifting gloves.

    I hit some Wheel & Sprockets, REIs and hardware stores this past week and these were better than any I tried (at leas for my hands). The only thing that was close was the Giro Bravo fingerless.

    Only down fall is they are made in China But it is getting harder and harder to find anything made not there.....i won't rant

    (I do have a pair of Mechanix gloves I wear as well, but they are tight on the outside of may hands more towards the wrist ( my hands are a bit meaty there) These are my full finger gloves for now!)

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