Giro helmet rumor?-
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    Giro helmet rumor?

    I slammed last night and cracked my new Giro helmet. I told a buddy about it today and he told me that if I take it back to a shop, they'll give me 30% off a new Giro helmet. Anybody ever heard this before?

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    Giro is interested in your safety and in advancing our state-of-the-art in head protection. If your helmet is involved in an accident you may be able to get credit toward a new helmet from Giro by doing the following:

    Send us:
    a. Your damaged helmet;
    b. A copy of your dated cash register receipt;
    c. A letter describing your accident (in as much detail as possible)

    Ship to:
    Consumer Service
    1924 County Road, 3000 North
    Rantoul, IL 61866

    If you have any questions about this program please call us at (800)456-2355 or e-mail us at [email protected]. Crash replacement program is available to U.S. customers only. Customers outside the U.S. should call (800)456-2355 or e-mail us for information on the crash replacement program applicable to them. Remember: NEVER wear a helmet thats been involved in an accident.

    copied directly from giro site
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    As noted - it's true. After a terrible crash, my Giro Pneumo was toast. My dealer dealt with all the warranty stuff, and simply took 30% off at the register...
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    That's cool news! I purchased my new giro helmet this past Tuesday. It was on sale for 28.00

    Hope to never bust it or use my head to get it busted, but if so,,, I know to depend on Giro for a new one

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    thats cool my helmet in pretty bad shape

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    I think most the manufactures have some sort of crash replacement incentives.
    On April first I fubared my Serfas helmet which I got at a good discount, when I took the bucket back to Greenline I learned Serfas was no longer in the helmet business, but they did not hesitate to knock 25% off a new Giro.

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    Yeah, when I bought my helmet I saw something like that in the papers that came with it. I think that's cool for Giro to do, getting return customers and easy real world testing.

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