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    Giro Feature

    Ok, so thinking about getting this helmet, because well. . . wearing a full face helmet everywhere is hardwork. . . and the one I had before that just doesn't fit well.

    But I've seen 2 reviews say the large was too big for them, and they opted for the medium. (despite checking out the size chart first)

    Just wondering if anyone else can confirm this? I'm 59cm, which would put my squarely in the crosshair for this miss-size if I did get the large (as listed)

    If anyone has some other options for AM helmets that would be great too (pref uner the 100 mark) . . and also if they can fit goggles too would help.

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    My head is 58cm and I have the feature in size large. I wear a sweat band while I ride and that is about the only reason that it fits. I guess I measured wrong the first time before I ordered or something because it is too big and is for 59-63cm. I think you should be okay... and at $40 ( at jensonusa) its a good choice

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    Think I might go for the Bell Super, seems to have good reviews so far everywhere I've looked

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    Maybe consider the Bell Stoker too. I Got one for christmas am pleased with it after 2 multi-hour rides.
    It's essentially a Super with different (some say better) vent orientation, but has a non-adjustable visor and no GoPro mount on top.
    I don't wear goggles but the MTBR review shows a pic of goggles fitted and said they work well together.

    If you shop around you can find them for under $50 USD.

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