• 09-17-2004
    giro e2 helmet 03 vs 04 model
    So, i'm looking into getting a new helmet, and the giro e2 seems to fit the best. They carry them at 2 of my LBS but at the one I mainly buy from they have the 04 model, and at the other they have the 03. I can basically get them at the same price because I get a huge discount where I bought my bike, and the 03 is discounted at the other store for being the older model. The thing is, I really like the look of the green slime/blob special edition 03 model. Is there anything that makes the 04 a better helmet or just the style? I would get the 03 but if the 04 has improvements i'll go for it, it matches my rainier anyway.
  • 09-17-2004
    as far as i can tell the 03's and 04's are the same except for different graphics. the lower end models got the in-mold shell for 04 though. get whichever one you want.