I just spent a weekend in the new Giro Alpineduro shoes and wanted to share my initial thoughts.

I wear a 44 Sidi dominator and ended up with the same size in these boots. I thought I would want to size up for heavier socks but the insulation has enough give that sizing up wasn't necessary, and the 45 I couldn't get tight enough to eliminate heel slip.

I spent three days in these shoes right out of the box and I can say they are comfy! I wore them to work and spent a 10 hour work day in them without complaints. The sole is stiff but the Vibram rubber sole has enough "bounce" to make the shoe seem compliant when walking.
After work I rode 2.5 hours with temps dropping to around 30 degrees and my toes stayed comfortable and very warm wearing a mid weight hiking sock. I set up camp and could have just been wearing stiff hiking boots as nice as these are to wear.

Next morning I woke up to snow and 28 degrees, laced up and rode out. I spent 6 hours riding with temps getting up to maybe 40, some light rain and lots of mud and again feet were warm, dry and comfortable. These aren't as stiff as my Sidi's of course but I didn't notice much flex and love the hiking boot feel and style of these.

One thing to note is unlike some of the other winter offerings these do not have a cuff that wraps tight to your ankle. I didn't experience heavy enough rain or snow to tell how well these will stop water from running down into the boot but I suspect they'll get pretty wet in a heavy downpour. There is a waterproof lining that kept out the mud and spray just fine but it's something worth noting.

Overall I'm very happy, it remains to be seen how well these hold up in colder temps but as someone who normally has cold feet I feel confident these will stay warm down to teens at least. Construction seems good but again only time will tell. Anyone looking for a versatile cold weather shoe for commuting, bike packing, and trail riding should check these out. Severe cold weather riders and fat bikers will probably want something with higher protection.