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    G-Form Knee Pads

    After hearing all the positive feedback on here I decided to try a pair of G-Forms to wear on all my rides since I'm really bad at predicting when I'm going to be crashing.

    I had my doubts about their ability to protect me based on how small and light they were. On my 3rd or 4th ride with them I decided to put them to the test.

    I went down pretty hard on a steep rutted trail with loose small rocks. I did the standard tearing up of my left forearm as well as bruising my upper arm pretty significantly. My left knee hit the ground pretty darn hard and my left shin got some nice trail rash.

    An inspection of my knee revealed just a red mark that later turned into a small bruise, but my brand new $50 knee pads had a big chunk taken out of the padding right in the center and were now useless.

    I emailed G-Form asking if these were designed for only one good crash, and this is the response I got (Names have been changed to protect the guilty):

    "Hi Buttface,
    They are not a one time use. We are in the process of making a new type of knee pad which has a harder outer layer to prevent this. If I can have your shipping address and the size and color knee pad you want, I can send you a new pair. Thanks for choosing G-Form."

    They shipped them out the next day without me ever asking for a replacement. I was very impressed with their backing of their product, and it's nice to see they are trying to improve them.

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    Here here! Thanks for posting. Always nice to hear positive experiences these days.

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    Interesting post. I just bought a set of their elbow pads, and wondered how they'd hold up in a crash, especially the spandex sleeve. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. FWIW, I've run POC knee protection for a while, and they have lasted about 15 or so crashes and are still more than good to go. Not as light or airy as G Form, but they are pedal friendly for those who need to climb to the top. These are the ones I use:

    Joint VPD Knee - POC Sports - POC Sports

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    I saw Gform at outer bike and they seem to have a good idea. My first thought was that they well a bit too light. I still think that they would be great for XC riding/stacking.

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    I have G Form knee and elbow pads. I live in S AZ and it is hot here so I wanted something lighter. I have crashed a few times in them, once hard, and no damage to the pads as yet. They did what they needed to do and stopped me getting injured badly. At least I do not have any new scars! So far so good, and it is good to hear positive feedback about their service.
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    i have them and they are super light and still very protective. i have the elbow and knee pads.
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    I received an email today from them. They are having a black friday sale. Sale starts at 12:01 am on Nov 23rd. Supposed to be deals of up to 71% off.

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    i only crash when i'm not wearing them. 8 stitches later and i still haven't learned.
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