• 03-04-2014
    Fox Launch vs Fox Launch Pro
    Looking to get a new set of knee/shin pads. Noticed fox has the fox launch and the fox launch pro pads. The pro's seem to be constructed of a neoprene material. The price is the same as well. Just trying to figure out which set is better. All freeride trails in my area require a lot of pedaling on singletrack to get out to the stunts. Usually bike 15 miles per ride with xc, freeride, and downhill. Thanks for any insight!

    Fox Launch:
    Fox Launch Knee/Shin Guards - Fox Racing

    Fox Launch Pro:
    Fox Launch Pro Knee/Shin Guards - Fox Racing
  • 04-24-2014
    I ordered a pair of the "Sport" shin guards. Will let you know how they work for me once I get a chance to try them out.
  • 04-25-2014
    The Launch Pro type of guards are much more comfortable if there is more pedaling involved, IMO.
  • 04-25-2014
    Re: Fox Launch vs Fox Launch Pro
    This is one of those purchases where I would honestly have to buy both and return or sell what I didn't like.

    As much as I try to support my lbs ... online has advantages, and free shipping and returns are the best part.

    I have a buddy who used to buy tv's... use them for 3 months then return them just before the 90 day mark and go buy something else... yes, terrible I know. And I have cheap friends!

    I'm just saying, you never know what works best until you try them all. I will give you a better reply after mine are delivered. I'm gonna buy both of those and some troy Lee's just to compare.
  • 04-25-2014
    I just ordered pro after reading every review out there , but am a little leery of the elbow pads as there weren't as well liked without the bottom strap ' NOT STAYING PUT WHILE RIDING AND IN FALLS" , some pics show the knee pad instead of elbow pad in advertisements as well then poor review as not as shown. i think if I don elbow pads I would want more forearm protection. I will give my opinion but have nothing to compare to.
  • 04-26-2014
    These are pretty similar to the Fox pads. I have the Kali knee pads, but not the elbows. A bit more forearm protection.