• 03-31-2017
    Fox Launch "Sport" knee pad hack?? WTF?
    Just ordered a pair of $28 Fox knee/shin pads (https://www.amazon.com/FOX-Launch-Sp...ch+knee+guards)

    It's a lot of material for the price, but--wow, these things seem completely useless?? With the straps "tight but comfortable" and the pad centered on the knee, every time I flex my knee the pad inches downward until it's halfway off the knee (takes about 3-5 knee bends). There's almost no flex in the hinge between the knee and shin--it's a single piece of foam on the inside from top to bottom, and the the 2 separate plastic guards on the outside are connected with beefy, inelastic straps.

    They didn't even try to make the things flexible--it's just a shin guard that goes up past your knee, with a top strap on the thigh that will hopefully keep it aligned with your knee in a perfectly aligned frontal impact.

    Has anyone tried to modify these to give them more flex? I doubt I could sew through the foam, but if I were to slice the foam below the knee (creating 2 pieces, a knee section and shin section), could I use some kind of caulk or glue (or heat) to seal the cut edges?

    Or can they be sewn to the bottom of a pair of shorts to help anchor them?

    Or do they get much less stiff once broken in?

    I don't get it. Seems unusable as is. I welcome any input. Maybe I'm bending my knees wrong.
  • 04-13-2017
    I've used these but they look a little bit different mine don't have the above knee strap. Yeah theyre loose and slide around I wouldn't want to use them too often. Probably good over pants though.