• 01-23-2007
    Foul Weather Gloves for MTBing?
    The deluge has begun here in Switzerland, and with invariably little snow, the prospect of getting late winter early riding going on some pretty tall mountains is tempting, I'd also like to keep commuting on my bike but I can't afford to hyp-out every day. I should have been on this a while ago but I'm just now picking up some Sombrio Nomad pants, and if I can find a good option, some waterproof DH gloves.

    Still looking for the gloves, so let me know if you got any suggestions. please
  • 01-24-2007
    not exactly water proof but warmer

    also fox used to make a pair idk where you can find them...I know they used to be on jenson usa but maybe they stopped making them?
  • 01-24-2007
    Heard good things about Specialized Sub Zero.